Adjustable Bucket Mounting Rod Holder w/bracket

Adjustable Bucket Mounting Rod Holder w/bracket

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Put your rod in the spring "COIL" holder and set next to hole or hang on the wall. Adjustable angle on the coil. Please specify which design, Sled or Pole design when ordering.

When to use “BUCKET MOUNT” design/

  • I've never met an ice fisherman who did not have a five gallon pail to hold gear , fish, bait or sit on. The “BUCKET MOUNT” holder is adjustable for rod tip angle up and down while also side to side. One example when to use might be in a hub shelter with three or four guys. Usually bait bucket is in middle for easy access by all. Holders placed (up to four) on a pail provide place to hang stick while baiting or taking off fish keeping high and dry, not bad when you want to eat a sandwich either.

  • Out on the ice sitting and want to stretch legs or tie another lure on, holder is an open coil but you may not wish to thread reel stem into coil. Simply insert without threading to bait or take off fish without setting on snow, water or ice keeping convenient and dry. USA made pat pending.