"COIL" design

"COIL" design

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Put your rod in the spring "COIL" holder and set next to hole or hang on the wall. Adjustable angle on the coil. Please specify which design, COIL or HOOP design when ordering.

When to use the “COIL” design?

  • If you want a holder that rod and reel can remain in it while you reel in your fish, this is maybe the only one out there. Why?  thread reel stem into coil one turn, place on ice with rod at desired angle with adjustment feature, keep clean and dry above ice all day. Kids will love it and learn to use it all day and never take it out of the holder. Then you won’t hear, “my pole got pulled down the hole while I was getting my snack”.

  • Fishing with a bobber for bigger fish. Why? usually we ice fish with two to four lines per license depending on the state. The coil will bend when fish is pulling line, this compliments your drag setting by buffering quick runs diminishing break offs and can not loose set up down up to 8 inch hole. No removal to reel in fish, just pick it up intact.

  • Fishing with out a bobber for smaller fish like perch or panfish. We often use mega light rod tips or spring bobbers as strike indicators. The “COIL” works well with those techniques if you don’t want to hold the pole at all times, along with the days the fish bite only when your waxie is stationary. After dark I have seen that occur in deeper water, 15 ft plus.

  • Quality and convenience. Why? As all HOLDERS ON ICE products are high quality steel and rust proofed, fit in five gallon pail for hauling and storage. All USA made patent pending.

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