The Original " Hoop Design" Rod Holder

The Original " Hoop Design" Rod Holder

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Put your rod in the ultra sensitive Hoop Design Rod Holder and catch the lightest bites you could imagine.

When to use the “HOOP” design rod holder?

  • On a dead stick while jigging other holes. Why? It will allow you to see a bite from 100 feet away while keeping your rod and reel from being pulled down the hole.

  • When jigging with a stick in each hand. Why? When you hook a fish you must set down the other stick to reel in the fish, if you have a “Hoop” by each hole you are jigging then you have a place to hang it still safe. Also typically with panfish if one hits it can trigger others in the school to bite. So you are still fishing safely with your bait in the zone without having it pulled down the hole. With a little practice you will become very adept at throwing it in the holder and smoothly grabbing it when a fish bites.

  • In a fish house. Why? ultimate sensitivity for a bite indicator, no bobber to stare at or try to see from the cribbage table.

  • Quality and convenience. Why? fits in a five gallon pail, hardy steel material plated for rust proofing and all one piece, no parts to loose. All USA made and patented.